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Building wealth - Some life lessons

Building wealth - Some life lessons

A couple of years ago I had the great privilege of partaking in the excellent Enterprise Engineer Program in RBS. This was jointly organized by Digital Engineering Services and Catalyst.

The amount of knowledge, lessons and skills I took out of it is a future post by itself.

What I would like to share with you is my end-of-course TED-style presentation.

The subject

The subject of my presentation is something I had to learn (and still learning) the hard way: wealth and money.
Is there something I could distill as knowledge? Something which could be useful and actionable?

The recorded presentation is embedded below. If the frame does not render, you can view it directly on Youtube here.

The sound is not great, unfortunately; you may need to switch on subtitles. Cultural references were targeted to the audience, a mix of British and Indian colleagues.

I hope you find it useful!if my monotonous voice does not send you to sleep :-)

Parting thought

Sailing away

Photo by Farid Askerov on Unsplash

Our financial well-being should be something we take as seriously as our physical and mental health.
Without me pretending to be an expert on it, I hope this presentation will make you see things under a different light.

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