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OpenBanking+ERC-20=❤️: An automated stablecoin

Ensuring that stablecoins are fully backed in a transparent way is crucial for trust. This article presents an automated approach based on OpenBanking.

A trip to Goa: Go services the easy way

In this post we are taking a close look at Goa, a contract-first microservice framework in Golang.

The Iceberg & the Radio: Getting your message across

This short blog post introduces a simple mental model to get complex messages across more effectively.

The Chainlink protocol: Creating Oracle networks

Continuing in the world of blockchain oracles, I am covering one of the most popular protocols, Chainlink.

Creating Oracles with the Band Protocol

Oracles are a crucial piece in the smart contract stack. In this article we deep-dive in the Band Protocol.

Effective team decision-making, the "Double Diamond" way

How can you effectively bring together a diverse group of people to decide on complex issues? Using the Double Diamond approach it becomes easy.