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Hiring a Great Technical Team (Part 1/3)

You know the 3 most important factors for success in any company, right?

Problem with Spring's @PathVariable across builds

Some colleagues had a very strange problem today: their Spring REST endpoints would work fine when hitting a SNAPSHOT release.

Using Vagrant for Enterprise Provisioning (A practical example)

Vagrant is a great abstraction layer over your stack. If you are not using it yet, I suggest that you give it a try.

Importing multiple tables using Sqoop

Sqoop is a great command-line tool and does what it says on the tin. However when it comes to importing a large number of different tables, the different options and...

Disk capacity planning for Neo4J

Neo4J is a multi-featured graph database, able to store billions of items. This brings up an interesting question: how much space will it take on disk?

Disk Capacity planning (A short story)

One very important (but more-often-than-not forgotten) aspect of building and deploying any new system is capacity planning.