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What does my smartphone really do?

What is your phone really doing? More specifically, what are the apps installed on your phone really doing? Do they just sit there? Do they constantly send data to their...

Moving on - Is there a right way of resigning?

It is not quite the thing you think of from day 1. But eventually most people will change jobs in their lives, probably multiple times.

Hiring a Great Technical Team (Part 3/3)

You have built a nice hiring pipeline: the job description is on point, recruiters are out there bringing in relevant, filtered CVs, you have the questions and checks to get...

Hiring a Great Technical Team (Part 2/3)

You finally have CVs coming in! Woohoo!! Either in a trickle or like a flood, you now need to start sorting them out.

Hiring a Great Technical Team (Part 1/3)

You know the 3 most important factors for success in any company, right?

Problem with Spring's @PathVariable across builds

Some colleagues had a very strange problem today: their Spring REST endpoints would work fine when hitting a SNAPSHOT release.